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In 2017 Enea Capital Group will commission the most modern power unit in Poland and Europe

New block

Construction of power unit No. 11 is the largest investment in the country

  • 1.075 MW gross
  • 250 thou. hours of the planned working time
  • In 2018 energy from Kozienice Power Plant will reach every 9th Polish citicen
  • The new unit means that the power plant may operate 40 years longer
  • 13% of Polsih energy will come from our power plants

Nowy blok

New poter units is:

  • The largest in Europe power unit fired with bituminous coal
  • Completely independent unit, possessing its own infrastructure
  • New unit means a 1/3 increase in the Kozienice Power Plant's capacity
  • Unit No. 11 will allow to eliminate deficits of energy on the market
  • Low exploitation costs and costs of fuel consumption, low failure rate
  • Works are precisely planned and realised on the schedule
  • The unit complies with strict emission requirements

Enea CG's installed capacity [GW]

Moc zainstalowana GK Enea [GW]

ParameterMarketUnit 11
Net efficiency 34.10% 45.59%
Availability 86.70% > 92%
Annual exploitation time  ~5 948 h 8 000 h
NOx emission    500 mg/Nm3 ≤ 100 mg/Nm3
SO2 emissions    400 - 800 mg/Nm3 ≤ 100 mg/Nm3
CO2 emissions     900 kg/MWh <730 kg/MWh