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2014 was the first year of implementation of the strategy adopted for 2014-2020. In relation to 2013 the capital expenditures planned in 2014 were higher by over PLN 700 mln. Also in the subsequent years the expenditures will grow in order to realise the goals adopted in Enea Group's strategy. 

Realised activities and investments

Capital expenditures of Enea CG for 2014-2020

Capital expenditures of ENEA CG for 2014-2020

Within basic expenditures in 2014 most of the planned investments were realised. 
The expenditures for additional development plans in the area of cogeneration for 2014 include the takeover of 86.36% of shares in Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. in Białystok.

Investments realised in 2014


  • Modernisation of units No. 4 and 10
  • Modernisation of the slag and ash depot - modernisation of field 4b
  • Acceptance of Gorzesław biogas plant with the installed capacity of 1.6 MW 
  • Takeover of 86.36% of shares in Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. in Białystok

Construction of 1,075 MW unit - works realised in 2014

  • Performance of a reinforced concrete structure of the cooling tower jacket to the level of 163 m
  • Performance of the lower foundation slab with poles of the load bearing structure of the turbine set
  • Performance of the foundation and steel structure for the engine room to the level of 17 m
  • Completion of the assembly of the boiler's load bearing structure with grate
  • Completion of the boiler slab assembly 
  • Completion of the assembly of absorber's and IOS blowdown tank's structure


  • Reconstruction of 110 kV overhead line in Lubiechnia Wielka - Sulęcin relation
  • Reconstruction of 110 kV overhead line in Niechorze – Skrobotowo and Pomorska – Załom relations
  • Construction of Ujście switching station, Redlica switching station and Babimost switching station
  • Reconstruction of Warlubie switching station, Braniborska switching station, Wawrów switching station and Osowa Góra switching station


Area of Wholesale Trade

  • Commencement of Market Maker activities on the Polish Power Exchange in order to optimise variable costs of the concluded transactions
  • Obtaining membership in the London ICE Futures Europe
  • Extension of the trading system and implementation of advanced IT tools supporting the realisation of the trading function
  • Commencement of securing operations on the wholesale market of gas sales to Enea's end customers and commencement of trade on own account 
  • Development of non-standard, structured origination products for Customers from the area of trade in electricity and fuels
  • Extension of the cooperation model within purchases of electricity for coverage of grid losses of Enea Operator
  • Implementation of the Due Diligence System within certification of biomass origin for Białystok location - enabling issuance of overdue certificates of origin for energy for 2013 and elimination of delays in filing applications to the Energy Regulatory Office for 2014

Area of Retail Sale

  • Reorganisation of the Sales Department and building Poland's wide sale structures
  • Implementation of "Fixed Price" new product building loyalty of Customers of G tariff group sets in an historical area of operations of Enea SA
  • Conduct of a campaign building relations with business Customers based on the dedicated offer (Always cheaper+, Strike the raise)
  • Completion of the project titled "Preparation of Enea SA's organisation to trade in natural gas" and obtaining 20 business Customers as part of dual-fuel offer
  • Launching product sales by Contact Centre and intensification of product sales realised via Customer Service Centre (CSC)
  • Launching new products: "Fixed Price+" and "Energy with an account" (the offer prepared together with Getin Bank)

Area of Customer Services

  • Centralisation of Customer Service within Shared Service Centre
  • Development and implementation of a new operating model from Customer Service 
  • Implementation of a central billing system for TPA Customer Service
  • Extension of Contact Centre
  • Centralisation of the mass printing and delivery of communication