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In 2014 Enea Group saved PLN 252 mln.

Due to undertaken initiatives cost savings amounted to PLN 252 mln for the Group. The greatest savings were realised in the area of Generation (PLN 133 mln) and Distribution (PLN 102 mln). 

Key events in 2014

I quarter

Cost optimisation due to a comprehensive bank service agreement

On 28 January Enea and PKO BP and Pekao SA banks concluded an agreement which provided the companies from our Group with an access to additional financing totalling to up to PLN 700 mln. Customers of Enea Group companies will be able to make free cash payments in over 3,400 units of PKO BP and Pekao SA

Cooperation with PKN Orlen increased Enea's product range competitiveness

Thanks to the agreement with PKN Orlen Enea Trading offers its customers combined sales of electricity and gas.

All Enea SA's shares are already listed on WSE

All the shares of Enea SA may be already traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. On 11 February, 2,000,033 Company's shares were listed. 

Financial institutions replaced Vattenfall in the shareholding structure

Numerous financial institutions bought Enea SA's shares which were sold by Vattenfall AB on 22 January. Shares constituting 18.67% of the Company's share capital changed the holder. The process confirmed that Enea is a good investment for renowned Polish and foreign financial investors. Due to that fact the Company's free float will increase. It is also a proof that the Company is a good investment.

II quarter

Fitch Ratings affirms the Company's high and stable ratings

On 30 April Fitch Ratings agency maintained the long term rating issued for the Company in April 2011 on the present level of BBB (on the international scale) and A (on the national scale). The outlook of the ratings is stable. A stable rating issued by a prestigious agency confirms the Company's high credibility in the eyes of international financial institutions.

Area strategies allow for a better goal management

Based on the corporate strategy adopted earlier five area strategies were established. They relate to generation, distribution, sales, trading and shared services. The strategy is the foundation of each of the key segments and describes its share in the realisation of the goals of the Group until 2020.

Financing from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego will be used for the realisation of the investment strategy of Enea Group

The programme agreement signed on 15 May with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego will help the Company to finance the current operations and investment needs of Enea Group. The funds will be used e.g. for adjusting the units operating in the power plant in Kozienice to the environmental requirements and for acquisition projects in the segment of cogeneration and RES. The agreement relates to long-term bonds issue of the value of PLN 1 billion.

The funds from the new bond programme will finance strategic investments

On 30 June Enea SA and the banks: PKO BP, ING Bank Śląski, Pekao SA and mBank concluded an agreement relating to the bond issue programme up to the maximum amount to PLN 5 billion. The proceeds coming from new issues will be used by the Company for the implementation of the investments described in the corporate strategy and for the financing of the Group entities' current operations. 

III quarter

New investment will help protect the environment better

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, LTD. will construct the installation of flue gases denitrification for units No. 1 and 2 fired with bituminous coal and biomass in the power plant in Kozienice. The investment will allow to reduce the nitric oxides emission by 80%. The investment is to be completed in May 2016 and over PLN 92 mln were devoted for its realisation.

Enea distributed dividend to shareholders

On 12 August Enea distributed dividend from profit for 2013 in the amount of PLN 0.57 per share.
The dividend rate totalled to 3.8%.

The Group has been successfully simplifying the organisational structure

During three quarters of 2014 Enea Group realised a range of activities which aimed at the simplification of its structure and focusing on the core operations. It will translate into a higher business efficiency.

Enea will take part in the nuclear power plant construction project

Enea will purchase from PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA 10% of shares in the special purpose vehicle PGE EJ1 sp. z o.o. - responsible for the preparation and construction of the first Polish nuclear power plant with the capacity of around 3,000 MW. Enea SA, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA TAURON Polska Energia SA and KGHM Polska Miedź SA concluded the Shareholder Agreement on 3 September. 

On 8 October the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection issued an unconditional permit which enables realisation of the agreement.

Takeover of MPEC Białystok will allow for production optimisation

On 16 September Enea Wytwarzanie finalised the transaction with Białystok city and took up 85% of shares in Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Białystok. The entry into force of the agreement means that the Company which is the owner of the chief producer of heat for the city, Białystok Heat and Power Plant, became also its supplier for the citizens. The cooperation of Białystok Heat and Power Plant with MPEC district network will allow for the heat production optimisation in the city.

New corporate governance enables an optimal use of the organisational possibilities

Simplification of the decision making processes and shortening of the flow of information are the key effects of transferring by the Board of some competences to Committees and establishment of technical Management Departments. The Group has completed the reconstruction of the corporate governance, due to which it may operate more flexibly. 

IV quarter

Access to the most liquid CO2 allowance market as a result of joining ICE Futures Europe

Enea Group obtained access to the most liquid market in Europe for allowances for emissions of CO2.
The membership results in significant savings within the Group which are one of the key goals in the area of wholesale trading.

Establishment of the Shared Service Centre supports savings and organisation

The stage of the Shared Service Centre organisation was completed within finance and accounting, IT, Customer service and on 1 January 2015 a new, more efficient operating model was implemented.
In the consequence of the above mentioned activities the Shared Service Centre was built in Enea CG within support functions, such as: Customer service, IT, finance and accounting, HR, logistics and coordination of legal services.

More energy generated ecologically due to the cogeneration combined heat and power plant in Piła

The cogeneration combined heat and power plant commissioned by Miejska Energetyka Cieplna Piła from Enea Group is one of the most modern plants of this type in Poland. It may produce around 10 MWt heat energy and around 10 MWe electricity at the same time and is fired with natural gas. Its launching results in the reduction in demand for energy from conventional sources, contributing therefore to the reduction of combusted coal and emission of harmful substances, in particular dusts, sulphur oxides and CO2 to the atmosphere.

Commencement of gas supplies to business customers

At the beginning of October Enea commenced gas supplies to the first Customers. The Company offers gas in the dual-fuel formula, i.e. together with electricity. As a result it may offer its customers very attractive commercial conditions and strengthen its position on the market. The offer is presently directed to companies, and already next year also individual customers will be able to use it.

New tariffs approved by the President of ERO

The President of ERO approved new tariffs for electricity and distribution services. The increase in the average price for energy distribution to consumers classified under G tariff group sets following from the approved fee rates is 3.07% yoy. The approved electricity tariff includes the increase in energy selling prices for G tariff group sets by 0.68% yoy on average and results from higher costs of realisation of statutory duties to redeem colour certificates.

New integrated information systems support management

Integrated information systems implemented in Enea Group in 2014 allow it to respond flexibly to the current situation on the energy market and improve the key business processes. Due to a new SAP programme it is possible to integrate the key information in the Group in one place. IFS supports Generation segment management. Workflow delivers information on invoices and orders for SAP and IFS systems. Thanks to the modern CCSS system the Group obtained a homogeneous system in the area of billing and CRM (Customer Relations Management) allowing to act more efficiently and optimise Customer Service costs.