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Building value for shareholders and ensuring energetic safety for customers is the superior idea to the Enea Capital Group business activity according to the development scenario.


The above mentioned idea will be supported by:

  • concentration of activities on the power engineering market
  • increasing value in the energy chain in order to build a strong position of Enea CG on the market in the long run
  • the growth of the Group supported with acquisitions within arising market opportunities and ensuring a full operating integrity of the Group
  • constant undertaking of activities in order to improve the efficiency of its operations


Growth of the Capital Group value through building Customers confidence


W pełni zintegrowana grupa energetyczna
budująca przewagę konkurencyjną poprzez elastyczne reagowanie na potrzeby rynku 
i efektywne zarządzanie zasobami

Pursuant to the approved Strategy, the Enea Capital Group's strategic goals in the upcoming years reflecting the formulated target growth scenario are as follows:

  • higher value for shareholders
  • building long-lasting relations with customers
  • increase in profitable areas
  • improvement of efficiency
  • optimum use of the organization potential

Within the superior goal, i.e. higher value for shareholders, the Group pursues improvement of key financial indicators, including a growth in the equity profitability and asset profitability.


The path of growth in profitable areas is accomplished through the development of a competitive generation portfolio. The Group pursues improvement of generating capacities to the level of additional 1,075 MWe in the segment of system power plants in 2017, and as a target (in 2020) of additional ca. 500 MWe in RES and ca. 300 MWe and 1,500 MWt in cogeneration sources and heating networks.

Additional generationg capacities in Enea CG tilll 2020

Dodatkowe moce wytwórcze w GK Enea do 2020 r.

A growth in profitable areas also takes place through allocation of means in the distribution supporting an optimum use of resources. The realization of the above objective will take place through the implementation of a programme of improving the reliability and diminishing the network failure frequency, programme of development of intelligent networks in order to gain advantage for the network operation and improving the customer service quality, and also through undertaking actions directed at decreasing volume of electricity needed for coverage of losses in the energy balance.

The last element of the development in profitable areas is the realization of the goal within higher margins from product sales. The goal is realized by initiatives undertaken both by the area of sales and the wholesale area.

Implementation of challenges faced by Enea Group will enhance its competitive advantage: 

Zrealizowanie wyzwań stojących przed Grupą Enea zwiększy jej przewagę konkurencyjną

Realization of investments planned by the Enea Capital Group during 2014-2020 requires incurring total investment outlays in the amount of PLN 20 bln. Within the analyzed volume of investment outlays what may be separated is e.g. the amount for the development of the area of generation and distribution in the so-called base quantity, i.e. PLN 11.8 bln and additional outlays covering the development of RES, cogeneration and heating networks, i.e. PLN 7.7 bln). The planned investment outlays will be covered from the equity and obtained debt financing.

Nakłady inwestycyjne GK Enea w latach 2014-2020 (w cenach roku 2013, bez kosztów finansowania)

Realization of the anticipated activities within the Strategy will allow for a dynamic growth of the Enea Capital Group, significant improvement of the market position and ensuring higher values for the Group's shareholders.