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Risk management

Enea Group in each segment of the conducted operations is exposed to risks. Their materialisation may significantly and adversely affect the continuity of operations of particular Group Companies, their financial standing and ability to realise the set strategic goals.

The awareness of these risks requires maintenance, use and continuous improvement of the formalised and integrated risk management system (ERM). Its frames are specified by the uniform Corporate Risk Management Policy in force in Enea Group. ERM system in Enea Group is based on the comprehensive coverage of the risk management objective, specification of detailed rules of identification and risk assessment. On this basis the key corporate risks are selected and monitoring takes place of the exposure to these risks and preparation and monitoring of the mitigation plans. In the case of some corporate risks, such as credit, loss of liquidity and interest rate risks, a formalised approach to risk management takes the form of dedicated Policies and Procedures.

Adopted rules of risk management are set based on the highest management standards and are compliant with best market practices within this area. 

In 2014 the risk management system was subject to further development and prices optimisation.

Enea Group's risk model

Model ryzyk Grupy Enea