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Corporate governance

In 2014 Enea Capital Group completed the construction process of the new corporate governance model which was initiated in 2013. A new decision-making competence division was designed among the Management Board of Enea SA, Management Boards of Enea Group Companies and Enea Group Committees. Based on legal tools of corporate governance (mainly Enea Group Code) the by-laws of Enea Group Companies were adjusted to the new competence map.

Three Enea Group Committees: Compliance, Management and Investment Committees (established in December 2013) commenced full operations within the competences vested in them on 1 May 2014.

The final list of Management Departments and Committees of Enea Group was approved by Enea SA's Management Board on 22 July 2014. New Committees and Management Departments commenced their operations on 1 October 2014. It means that at the end of the reporting year, the process of designing and implementing the new management model of Enea Group was completed.

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