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Planned investments for 2015


  • Continuation of the construction of supercritical highly efficient power unit No. 11
  • Adjusting generation units to achieve permissible standards of SO2, NOx and dust emissions that stem from EU directives and the provisions of the Accession Treaty
  • Acquisitions of new wind farm projects

of System Power Plants
New • Modernisation of units No. 1 and 2
• Modernisation of the slag and ash depot - modernisation of field 5
Continuation • Construction of power unit No. 11
• Modernisation of unit No. 7
• IOS IV flue gas desulphurisation plant
• Installation of flue gases denitrification - SCR for units No. 4-8 and 1-2
• Construction of industrial waste and rainwater treatment
• Modernisation of cooling water intake - stabilising checkdam on the Vistula River
• Installation of railway traffic control equipment RTC
Segment of Heat • Construction of a gaseous construction unit in MEC Piła - start-up and final acceptance stage are in progress
• Installation of the Heat Recovery system from flue gases from boiler No. K6 in Białystok Heat and Power Plant - technological start-up is in progress
• Construction of the catalytic installation for reduction of nitric oxides for boilers No. K7 and K8 in Białystok Heat and Power Plant - Stage I acceptance procedure is in progress (K7 boiler) Investment planned completion date - June 2015
Segment of RES • Construction of 15 MW Baczyna and 9-10 MW Bardy II wind farms
• Acquisitions of new wind farm projects with the capacity of around 450 MW


  • Construction of 110/110 Chocicza switching station
  • Construction of Krzywiń switching station
  • Reconstruction of Kostrzyn switching station, Śrem HCP, Rąbinek switching station, Strzelce Krajeńskie switching station and Sępólno switching station
  • Reconstruction of 110 kV overhead line in Sieraków – Międzychód and Międzychód – Zielomyśl relations

In 2015 Enea Operator intends to construct and modernise around 2,200 km overhead and cable lines
Reliability improvement programme • Better reliability ratios and longer economic usable life of assets, reduction in exploitation and renovation costs
• Optimal allocation of means for modernisation investments, mainly relating to MV networks and grid automation
• Cost and operating activities optimisation
Automation of the process of seller change • Electronic and automated service of all the tasks resulting from the process of electricity seller change within the general agreement on provision of distribution services for the comprehensive service
• Electronic access for sellers to metering, metering and billing data and information relating to mutual settlements
Support for middle technical education • Preparation of young, innovative personnel from the area of electrics and energy for Enea Group
Integration of Distribution Service Management • Optimisation and better efficiency of using Enea Group's resources realising executive and exploitation tasks in the segment of Distribution
Vast investment activities • Connection of new recipients and generators of electricity
• Modernisation and recreation of the existing power infrastructure (better quality and reliability of electricity supplies)
• Auxiliary processes, i.e. automation of steering processes, development of information and telecommunication systems
• Operating costs optimisation