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51.27. Non-current assets held for sale

Non-current assets held for sale include items satisfying the following criteria:

  • their carrying amount will be recovered principally through sale transactions rather than through continuing use;
  • the Management Board of the Company submitted a sales declaration and started to search actively for a potential buyer;
  • the assets are available for immediate sale in their current condition;
  • the sale transaction is highly probable and may be settled within 12 months of the date of the decision;
  • the sales price is reasonable compared to the current fair value;
  • the probability that changes to the asset disposal plan will be made is low.

If the aforementioned criteria have been satisfied after the end of the reporting period, the asset is not reclassified at the end of the financial year preceding the event. The classification change is reflected in the reporting period when the aforementioned criteria have been satisfied. Amortization/depreciation charges are no longer applied starting from the date when the asset is designated as held for sale.

Assets held for sale are measured at the lower of: the net carrying amount or the fair value less costs to sell.